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Georgia to Armenia Marshrutka (and Vice Versa) Travel Experience

As Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia lie only about 180 miles apart, makes it possible to add one more country to your travel itinerary and it would be a pity not to see the other.
Tbilisi to Yerevan
Whether by car, marshrutka, minivan, train or flying there are different easy ways to cross the two countries plus you will have some beautiful scenery out your window to keep you company during the long drive. 
There are two locations in Tbilisi where those minibusses depart for Yerevan – Station Square and Ortachala Bus Station. Ortachala Bus Station is a little bit out of the city center. I paid 30 lari for one-way ticket. You can contact Comfort Tours to reserve for a seat: +37494929281
Marshrutka Travel Experience
Crossing the borders of Georgia and Armenia has been nice and interesting 6-hour marshrutka ride for me. Minibusses in both countries are called marshrutka. I definitely enjoyed the snowy mountainous landscapes along the way, seeing small villages, abandoned buildings. The best part of this trip for me is making some friends, a nice Georgian family. Even though we can’t understand each other, they offered me their food and even pillow, and we spent late lunch together eating Armenian pastries.
In my personal experience, riding marshutka has been safe, comfortable, never had any issues, and the driver didn’t drive that fast from what I’ve from other blogs. I chose this option since it’s the fastest and most convenient option to get to Yerevan. You will be sharing the ride with six more people and the driver and there will be enough space for your legs and handbag. The journey should take around 5 hours, including the border crossing. Once in Yerevan, you will arrive at Kilikia bus station.
Crossing the Borders
Crossing the immigration border control of Georgia and Armenia was such a breeze and there’s not much people. As someone with a Philippine passport, I only showed my Armenia e-Visa and COVID vaccination paper. No questions asked to me.
Other Travel Options
If traveling by minibus is not your cup of tea or you would like to try an old-fashioned sleeper train, then this option might be good for you. There are overnight sleeper trains between these two capitals. It’s a safe and convenient option if you are not in a hurry and would like to have a different experience.
Compared to minibus tickets, the price of a train ticket is double, but by some standards, it still seems quite cheap. The journey is comfortable, and waking up to gorgeous views of Mount Ararat at dawn as you enter the country makes the trip even more memorable. The train departs from Tbilisi Central Station (Station Square). Unfortunately, you can’t buy those tickets online, so you’ll need to buy them at the ticket office in advance. You can also ride a plane and the flight takes only 30 minutes!
Yerevan to Tbilisi
Minivans depart from the Kilikia bus station which is the central bus station in Yerevan. You’ll find the minivans directly on the left side of the station. At Kilikia bus station head to the office  of Comfort Tours. It is located right in front of the cars heading to Yerevan, in the station building and pay for the ride there. You will get the ticket and will be directed to the car. You can contact this number to reserve a seat: +37494929281. They reply fast and you can message them through WhatsApp. Don’t forget to get your PCR Test before traveling to Georgia as it is a requirement to enter the country.

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