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My journey as an entrepreneur (still a rookie here) started in the middle of a global pandemic - when it's a strange time to build a business since everything seems so uncertain. Despite all of these, I still took the leap of faith to build my dream business (while doing my actual day job) and at the same time to build this personal blog. Either way, here I am, and here you are.

I'm currently working remotely as the Technical Director of Upgradable, an applied research lab trying to solve human flourishing. I'm also the Founder of Agila Food Trading, a distribution, import, and export trading company for organic, natural, and ethically-made food products and agricultural commodities.

I was born and currently based in Manila, Philippines. Though, I spent my childhood years among Manila, Cagayan, and Surigao del Sur. That means, I can speak Tagalog, Ilokano, and Bisaya. I spent my elementary and high school years in Madrid, Surigao del Sur where I was elected as Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman of our barangay at the age of 15. Then, I moved back to Manila for college and to eventually work.

Entrepreneurship is and will always be a crazy journey but it is by far the best path I've ever been on. Although, a part of my heart will always be in the tech industry. I still don't know where this path will lead me but I am ready to embrace the unknown and learn from it.

Personally, I also have grown an affinity for holistic and mindful living that includes minimalism, being conscious of what we eat, what we put in our mind, body, and soul; conscious consumerism and how we can lessen our carbon footprint. Needless to say, business, tech, remote working, sustainability and wellness will be thrown in my blog here.

And as many of my friends and family know, my passion for food and the powerful way it influences our personal health and well-being runs deep. I've stopped eating any meat for more than four years already; and avoid processed food as much as I can. The food choices that we make and the systems that we support have an enormous impact on our ecosystem and the health of our planet as well. This is an awakening I had many many moons ago, which I would also love to share here.

Feel free to check back, as I am still in the middle of building this website. In the meantime, go ahead and check me on FacebookInstagram, Linkedin or you can read some of past articles here.

Until then, may the odds be in your favor.

- Renz