Hey, I’m Renz! I’m passionate about building things. I provide different digital services, co-founded; writes tech articles, travel experiences, and other things I am passionate about. I’m from the Philippines but currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I believe in playing through life, trying and failing over and over at the many things that pique my interest.

I’m a self-development nerd that enjoys exploring longevity, biohacking, quantified self, productivity, and self-optimization. 

I spent my childhood years living in different parts of our country: Manila, Cagayan Valley, and Surigao del Sur. Because of this, I can speak our top three dialects: Tagalog, Ilokano, and Bisaya.

I have grown an affinity for mindful living that includes minimalism, being conscious of what we put in our mind, body, and soul; conscious consumerism and how we can lessen our carbon footprint.  

You can check out my professional background and services I offer in this page. Feel free to check back, as I am still in the middle of building this website.

Until then, may the odds be in your favor.

Multi discipline

Being multi discipline is a big part of my ethos. Whether it’s frontend/backend development, server, database, technical writing, product, digital marketing, project coordination, business/system analysis; I’m there.

My current obsession: building ecommerce biz. So if you have an idea or is planning to build an ecom biz, hit me up and I might help!


My focus shifts as the need arises for certain skills in the working environment. This can be both a positive and negative experience, on one hand you can hone your skills, on the other hand you can explore different areas but can’t focus on one. I always have hunger to explore ideas and concepts outside of my work so I always have something new to learn and share.

Get in Touch

I enjoy creating side projects outside of my working life to share and engage with others. Work makes up such a big part of our lives and I believe in expanding my ideas and skills.

I also love to collaborate. I’m always looking for other minds to work, grow, and network.