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Tips for Traveling During the COVID19 Pandemic

Traveling now during the pandemic is not the same anymore as to how we travel before. Maybe, it will never be the same. The world is still struggling in dealing with COVID19, it’s getting a bit better to some, but mostly it is still a bit messed up. Tourism is slowly opening up in some countries and you’ll have the option to travel to these countries if you want to.
How does someone travel during these uncertain times? There is no one size fits all answer to this question so this post is written based only on my experience of traveling during the pandemic.
Istanbul Airport

1. Do your research
If you’re traveling for leisure purposes, do your research first. Is it open for tourism? Are you allowed with your passport to enter that country for tourism? Check what kind of requirements you need to prepare in order to fly to that country.

Most countries only accept fully vaccinated travelers. Before booking your trip, make sure your destination recognizes your COVID-19 vaccine. But not all COVID-19 vaccines are considered equal. Most countries accept Moderna or Johnson and Johnson. Some countries won’t recognize travelers with mixed vaccine doses as being fully vaccinated.

Not all destinations in the country you chose to travel to might be open for tourists. Double-check which places you can visit like museums, historical landmarks, beaches, etc.

2. Book directly with an airline
There are lots of great online platforms for finding affordable flights, but traveling during these uncertain times where flights often get canceled, waiting a long time for your money to come back will not be that easy.

Booking directly with the airline may costs more, but it offers a number of sure benefits to you and the likelihood of getting your refund quicker if you need it.
3. Check the regulations of your transit airport
If you’re transiting through Singapore (including Singapore Citizens and PRs), you will need to present a valid negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 48 hours before departure before you are allowed to board their flight for travel to Singapore.

4. Keep your masks, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, etc in handy; and practice social distancing
Traveling during the COVID19 pandemic is definitely a risk even though you’re fully vaccinated. Catching Covid is bad and can destroy your whole trip. Oh and it might kill you. Try to be safe as much as you can and practice safety precautions while traveling.

5. Be a good human
If you can afford to go on a vacation to a place that has been pummeled economically because of the pandemic, I suggest you act with a little more compassion. I’m not talking stupid rip-offs (this wasn’t). I’m talking about tips, leaving good reviews if they deserve it, being nice and don’t criticize. Most hotels and restaurants are trying to open and it takes time to settle. For example, some restaurants don’t know how many customers will come, so it’s hard to manage supplies. 

Acting like the world owes you something is so insensitive to this time. The struggle has been horrendous and it’s not over by a long shot. Be curious, get out of your comfort zone, don’t complain, ask what it’s been like, be a good human, or go home!

6. Enjoy
Given the risks of traveling during the pandemic, relish in its quietness and still try to enjoy your travel which is definitely a different experience far from the kind of travel we used to have before.

7. Be careful with food
Catching COVID on your trip is definitely worst but getting diarrhea or food poison are nightmares too so try to be careful with your food choices and where to eat.

8. Be aware of bed bugs
I included this in the list because I greatly suffered from these bastards. I still have my bite scars and it made me feel so conscious about what to wear to hide them.

Most hotels have been closed for almost two years already since the pandemic started. And so, there are hotel rooms and beds that have not been cleaned and maintained properly. This depends of course on where and what kind of hotel you’ll be staying in. What’s the quickest way to tell if your hotel room has bed bugs? Read here.



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